​ The Best Dried Cranberries Direct from the Growers
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It's all about the cranberries!

Wisconsin's Best Cranberries is proud to provide our customers with the best tasting, freshest dried cranberries in the world.  

The reason our dried cranberries taste so good starts with the berry itself.  Every cranberry we use to produce our dried cranberries is grown by the members of our grower-owned cooperative.
Family-owned cranberry farms that have been growing superior cranberries generation after generation.

We use state-of-the art cleaning facilities and optically sort every berry before it is deemed good enough to be called "Wisconsin's Best".
Why Wisconsin's Best Cranberries?

  • Only the best berries are Selected
  • 60% of the juice remains in the dried cranberry
  • Less added sugar means more natural flavor
  • We control the complete process from our farms to your door
  • We are Cranberry Experts!
Did You Know?
Wisconsin is the number one producer of cranberries in the world?  That's right, over 50% of the world's cranberry supply comes from Wisconsin.

Robert and Adam Nemitz of J.R. Nemitz Cranberry Co. harvesting another quality crop.
Wisconsin Cranberry Harvest is in Full Swing!